Tara Yardley LPC LLC

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Individual, family, couples and group counseling

What is stress? Do you wonder if what you are feeling is normal? Are you having relationship concerns or feeling depressed? Are you constantly irritable and unsure of what is going on in your life?  Maybe you are considering a major life change or need help with your anger. I can help! 

If you need short term assistance or long term growth I am here to provide you with the support and confidence you need to cope. Maybe you are having difficulty with grief or recently started questioning your life experiences, or maybe you just need someone to talk to. Call me today, 816-679-1524. Through counseling we can identify what is stress, what is depression, what are healthy relationships and effective ways to cope with life. 
Have you recently been faced with a difficult life decision?  Emotionally are you struggling, becoming irritable, or angry all the time?  I pride myself on offering my clients the space and understanding needed, in therapy, to make healthier decisions and become stronger, more confident and happier individuals.

Everyone experiences stress in life.  Through therapy you can learn a different approach to stress management, learn effective ways to cope within relationships and/or identify different options to a life decision. Maybe you are wondering what is depression? Maybe you need help identifying if what you are feeling is anxiety! Taking the first step and asking for help can open a world of opportunity and relieve a lot of built up pressure and unspoken pain.  Stop struggling alone, contact me and together we can find solutions!!

Call for an appointment today! Tara Yardley LPC LLC 816-679-1524         
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